Thoughts From The Cabin Journals

What a treat to be able to get away from the lights and noise of the city. Ron, this place and your hospitality were absolutely perfect. The setting here is very peaceful, from the wood stove to the sauna, water pumps and trails. –Delia C.

Such a beautiful location – the charm of the cabin makes me long to return to a simpler time.  –Angie

lanternWe had perfect snowshoeing weather, good fishing on Sand Lake (24″ walleye & big perch and the most dog-friendly atmosphere in MN! Thanks for the sweet spot, Ron.  –Kerry

Clear sky and more stars than I have ever seen before. We really enjoyed our visit.  –Tom P.

This was a perfect place to celebrate our first year of marriage (and the first day of spring)! We skied for hours upon hours, enjoyed reading, good food, and saw tons of nature. …there is something refreshingly satisfying about hauling your own water and starting your own fires. This weekend reminded me of being married. Not always easy, but definitely offers moments of surpassing beauty. Like tramping through the bog on White Cedar Trail to find around the corner you are standing in a natural cathedral of amazing Red Pine. You are both surprised and moved.  –Martha & Matt

The cabins are lovely and so are the dogs that run the place.
–Tennessee W.


I had a good time running the trails while my owners skied. It was fun being where there are a bunch of golden retrievers just like me! I had the perfect day laying in the bright March sun on the cool snow eating moose bones, topped off by laying on my dog bed by the woodstove. I rolled in lots of stuff and smell pretty good. I don’t want to smell like a city dog anymore.
–Savannah S .

We had an exciting time in the woods when we found new wolf tracks and – uuh – some wolf poop. We enjoyed the Wolverine Cabin, the sauna, and Ron’s great slide shows. We’re sad that we have to leave & return to Germany.  –Matthias H.

It’s always relaxing to stay at your place, Ron. We appreciate your efforts in preserving this sanctuary in the woods. And melting away in the sauna is always a treat. –Damon & Paula

What a special place! We loved our cabin and the quiet of life up here. Our only complaint is that it was too short! Will have to come again.  –Laura S.

This place always gets me thinkin! What are we doing it all for? Why not just sell it all and move into the woods? I think those of us who live in the city are deceived, here are the treasures.
–Kate B.


If it weren’t for these escapes up to Ron’s place, I would have long since left Cyd. City life is such a bore & we both come alive the second we arrive. There are so many sticks EVERYWHERE!!! Sticks!!! Have I mentioned I’m quite an expert on sticks??.. and they’re all over the place here. STICKS!  –Summer O.

Such a beautiful, cozy cabin! We had a blast skiing, snowshoeing, & sauna-ing & running to the outhouse in the middle of the night. We are SOOO coming back next year. –Carly P. (age 12)

We plan to return next winter for the adventure, snowshoeing, quiet nights, serenity of the forest & gracious hosts Ron & Willie.
–Kirsten W.

The canoeing & hiking were good, the fishing above average, and the cabin comfy. We and our dogs will be back,  you betcha!
–Beth & Mary

We have finally found somewhere we can come as a family to enjoy each other & nature. We both feel like this is home.
–Becky N.

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