Pets Welcome


Plus je vois les hommes, plus j’admire les chiens.
(The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs.)
– Old French saying

All breeds of dogs are welcome to stay here without charge. Certain common-sense rules apply. Limit two dogs per cabin.


Following are guidelines intended to ensure the safety of visitors and their pets. Please help make bringing your dog on a trip to the woods the pleasant and memorable experience it should be for both you and your best friend.

  • Dogs or cats coming to this facility, it is hoped, will be current on immunizations and free of parasites.
  • Owners must bring water and food bowls for their pet’s use.
  • Warm floor bedding should be brought along. 
  • Dogs must be kept away from wells and sauna at all times.
  • Droppings should be removed from paths or areas where people could step on them, and tossed into the woods.
  • Dogs in camp should be under owner’s control at all times – on leash. If your dog is at all unfriendly to any people or other dogs, please leave it at home. All breeds are welcome.
  • When dogs are out on the trails or swimming in the lake, they may run free.
  • During November and April when the ice is dangerous for both humans and dogs, they should be under leash control. There is no way to rescue an animal on thin ice.
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